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4538Tourist Excursion on Cover Page

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  • jmac_han@hotmail.com
    Jun 2, 2001
      Hi Gang,

      This week's cover page photo is in honour of Spring and the
      beginning of the tourist train excursion season.

      Click on the image to see the larger photo from

      The UP railbus is a redecaled shell from the Märklin track
      cleaning engine placed on a standard railbus chassis. It runs
      reliably but I should see about installing a 5 pole motor to get
      better slow speed operation.

      The tourists are seated in a scratch built gondola placed on a
      Märklin caboose chassis. This style gondola actually runs on
      tourist roads in California and elsewhere. The train is usually
      completed with a UP "Golden Spike" caboose where eager
      travelers vie for seats in the cupola for the breathtaking trip over
      Chute Falls and the original timber trestle. Watch for wildlife
      along the way!

      Tours leave every 3 hours during the spring and summer from
      Centre Val Ease station up to Upper Centre Val Ease where the
      tourists can visit the Dinosaur park and descend I.T.S. Mine. A
      gourmet meal is served at the lodge at noon. Snacks are
      available at the depot and great souvenirs are offered in the gift

      Special event tours are organised throughout the year.

      Call or email early to reseve your seats on the excursion.


      Last week's image was provided by Howard Shute
      and shows his European style layout in operation.

      You can still see all the preceding cover photos at:

      As always, fellow Zealots, we are always happy to post your
      layout, model or diorama photos on the Z_Scale cover page.
      Upload them to the 'Files - Cover Photos' section or send them
      to the listowner via email.

      Happy modeling,
      Jeffrey MacHan
      CEO Val Ease Central Railroad
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