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4531Editorial: Re: Improved Armadillo Z Scale Pages

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  • jmac_han@hotmail.com
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Dear Members,

      Since I always accept an invitation to explore Z related web sites,
      I took the time to go through every page of Patrick's (Armadillo)
      website. I congratulate him on his efforts to warehouse
      information concerning our favourite scale. However, I have
      several suggestions to make:

      1. a large number of articles in his 'infopool' or article database
      are copied directly, word for word, from this group. I encourage
      the exchange of information concerning Z model railroading. I
      am quite sensitive to 'borrowing' of material without going to the
      trouble of asking permission from this list or the authors.

      I have indicated to Patrick that I have no personal objection to his

      use of articles that I have posted to Z_Scale. I can't speak for the
      numerous other members whose postings have been added to
      Armadillo's database.

      I got a chuckle reading Patrick's legal notice disassociating
      himself from any copyright infringement that the "authors" of his
      'borrowed' articles might be guilty of. There seems to be a bit of
      irony in this situation!.

      I do have a serious suggestion in the interest of giving credit
      where credit is due. I would like to see the message number
      from the Z_Scale message archive and the Z_Scale URL
      accompany messages that have been copied from this site.
      This would identify Z_Scale as the source and give the reader
      the opportunity to consult the original message and to read
      follow-up postings to it on Z_Scale. The author would also be
      adequately identified with his or her contribution.

      2. material and information from other areas of this list such as
      the Train Show database have also been cut and pasted into the
      Armadillo site. I went to the trouble of doing the research myself
      and by gathering information supplied to me privately by
      members of this list. Once again, when copying with no change
      from the original the source should certainly be identified and
      permission obtained.

      3. there is a link to Z_Scale but in the incorrect category! I would
      like to see a clear reference to Z_Scale as being the source for
      articles and other information in the Armadillo site. In fact, every
      reference to Z_Scale should be an active link to this group. It
      would direct new members to this list which is the one of the key

      In conclusion, I applaud the existence of quality web sites that
      promote Z. I believe that these sites should also promote the
      sources of their material and information. This is called
      reciprocity and respect.

      Jeffrey MacHan

      --- In z_scale@y..., pguertler@h... wrote:
      > Almost 11'000 visitors on Armadillo's Z scale pages up to now!
      > This was reason enough to redesign our website. We have
      improved the
      > layout and have added a more userfriendly navigation, which
      > in easier and faster access to the information you are looking
      > Besides our own experiences with Z scale, our pages contain:
      > - a comprehensive list of articles and books ever published
      > Z-scale
      > - infopool: a steadily growing collection of tips and tricks in
      > setting up Z-scale layouts and maintaining rolling stock
      > (containing many tips and tricks out of different Z-scale
      > mailinglists)
      > - lists with links, addresses and event dates
      > - downloads
      > Regards
      > Patrick Guertler
      > P.S. Please sign our guestbook
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