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4513Improved Armadillo Z Scale Pages on www.armadillo.ch

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  • pguertler@hotmail.com
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Almost 11'000 visitors on Armadillo's Z scale pages up to now!

      This was reason enough to redesign our website. We have improved the
      layout and have added a more userfriendly navigation, which results
      in easier and faster access to the information you are looking for.

      Besides our own experiences with Z scale, our pages contain:
      - a comprehensive list of articles and books ever published about
      - infopool: a steadily growing collection of tips and tricks in
      setting up Z-scale layouts and maintaining rolling stock
      (containing many tips and tricks out of different Z-scale
      - lists with links, addresses and event dates
      - downloads

      Also new - due to several requests - we offer you the possibility to
      advertise on our pages.

      Have a look at http://www.armadillo.ch and please update your
      bookmarks and/or links to our pages (we had to change our internet-
      provider; our old compuserve-account is no longer valid).

      Patrick Guertler

      P.S. Please sign our guestbook
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