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44770June MTL Releases in "Z"

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  • sgt_tim7
    May 31, 2006
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      Joe D', Is it possible for us to get a sneak preview of the June MTL
      releases half a day early?

      Oh how I wish MTL would post a "Soon to be Released" section and post
      new releases about 15 days before their release date! Say every 15th
      of the month we know exactly what will be released. This would
      hobbyist time to save lots of $$$ for the items they really want,
      especially the ones they want more than 1, or 5, or 10 of an item.
      Sure would be nice.

      Remember what happened when MTL released a photo of the Gunderson many
      weeks in advance of the release date? Nonstop chatter about how great
      it was going to be. Same with the GP35!

      Joe D', what say you? Deal, or No Deal?

      Hobo Tim
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