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44149Clif Travis' "Yahoodunder" wins April "Model of the Month Award"

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    May 1, 2006
      Hi Gang,

      It has been brought to my attention that our "Model of the Month
      Award" not only rewards great modelmaking but also recognizes
      outstanding modeling work (i.e. layouts, dioramas, electronics,
      designs, even graphics promoting Z-scale). This is very true.
      Z-scalers are a very creative group of people, from all around the
      world and of all ages and backgrounds. I am proud to be part of this
      community and I am honoured to be able to highlight the wonderfully
      inspirational artistry of our fellow z-scalers.

      Now that the intro is over, I'd like to present our April "Model of
      the Month Award" winner, Mr. Cliff Travis. Mr. Travis is from the NYC
      area and is one of our senior members being in the 80-year plus age
      bracket. Cliff is a skilled and very imaginative z-scaler, as can be
      seen from his "Yahoodunder" layout that is gracing our homepage.


      Cliff is also an active member of the Tri-state Z scale Z-Bend Track
      module group and has helped get them off to a very fast and successful
      start. The Tri-state Z group has already displayed modules at an NMRA
      Northeastern region meet and at the Amherst Railway Society's BIG
      Train Show in West Springfiled, MA where they attracted a lot of
      attention from the organizing committee (I know 'cuz the president
      emailed me with praise for the module guyZ). The BIG Train Show is
      the largest train show on the East Coast attracting over 21,000
      visitors on a two-day weekend at the end of January. You can see more
      of the Tri-State modules in the AMHERST SHOW Z SCALE 2006 photo folder:

      Congratulations to Cliff for his very impressive, high-rise layout and
      to his MotM Award for April 2006.

      Keep those trainZ rolling,

      Jeffrey MacHan