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43565Re: What can be made to look more realistic?

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  • johnegert
    Apr 1, 2006
      Richard----- The real trump cards in Z scale structure building are the
      arts of photoetching and laser cutting. Check our cyber-pal Reynard's
      work at Micronart, and the equally wonderful Microstructures-- these
      kits are as good or better than ANYTHING in any scale, bar none. Add
      Robt. Ray's kits, the various paper kits and others,and, though you
      won't have quite the variety, you'll have all the quality. As for
      scenery, the beauty of Z is the ability to approach scale scenery-to-
      train/structures ratios so as to give the appearance of a RR built
      through geography, rather than geography added to a layout. I think the
      advent of Microtrains turnouts will facilitate some large layouts, and
      Z will garner publicity beyond "curiosity".
      It's a good time to get on board.......
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