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43537Re: [Z_Scale] Considering Z scale

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  • Alan Cox
    Apr 1, 2006
      On Sad, 2006-04-01 at 01:37 +0000, jk12955 wrote:
      > I'm considering a Z scale layout since my wife is getting a little
      > tired of the N scale layout in our apartment. Z would fit nicely on
      > a
      > shelf in one of our closets.

      Well this can only be an "in my opinion/experience" answer 8)

      My experience is that Z layouts are longer or the same length as N
      albeit narrower. This is because Z scale pointwork is long and complex
      to keep the tiny models from derailing all the time.

      The basic Märklin sets are basically a "happy christmas" item with the
      expectation of purchasing more bits to make it useful. The bigger sets
      have a proper power controller a couple of points, control box and the
      like and are far better. They also tend to include something other than
      the awful little 0-6-0 that stalls all the time that is provided with
      Märklin's basic sets.

      The bigger Märklin locos are decent runners providing the track is well
      laid, especially the diesels, and I've found them to be extremely well

      If you are short of space also have a look through


      especialy the small layout scrap book and articles. Depending on your
      interest you may find some good ideas on small or modular layouts that
      take little room whatever the scale.

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