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43534Re: [Z_Scale] Marklin 88641 Diesellok BR361

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  • Brian Redman
    Mar 31, 2006
      On Mar 28, 2006, at 3:20 AM, bperumal2 wrote:

      > Hello, all,
      > I am looking for help to refit the gears in a Marklin 88641 that was
      > dumb enough to open up while cleaning. Whenever I try to put them in,
      > they jam up. I remember reading a long time ago in one of the messages
      > here that there was a sequence to do this.
      > Does anyone remember how to do it? I tried searching for the message
      > with any success.
      > Thanks
      > Peru


      This may be too late in coming, but I made a little video for you
      showing an 8864 being taken apart and put together. It's here:


      The crux of the matter regarding aligning the gears is a link at the
      bottom of that page to a short segment. Basically the method I used
      here is to rotate the forward wheel set back and drop in the
      intermediate gear so it causes that wheel set to rotate forward,
      towards the position I really want it, allowing the intermediate gear
      to seat in the process. I barely got it right on the video but I got
      lucky and things fell into place. There are probably at least as
      many different techniques as I have thumbs.

      I hope the visual aid may be of some use.

      As Dan perfectly put it, it's a matter patience and trial and error.

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