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43531Re: 9V Adaptors

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  • loren snyder
    Mar 31 10:28 PM
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Jay Greer <redwitch1@...> wrote:
      > Loren,
      > I was trying to be kind!
      > Normally I would not complain. But, let me elaborate for a moment.
      >Recently I bought a multi meter at RADIO SHACK,.......snip

      And here all along we thought standing in line at the post office was
      the ultimate bummer.........
      Relating that to Z scale, (so as not to get trounced) your tale sort
      of sounds like the typical attitude "some" hobby shop personnel take
      when you ask about Z scale. I maintain that it is a matter of
      educating the ignorant masses, and maybe also the biased.

      I can't blame folks for being biased towards or against a product,
      after all, aren't we Z scalers sort of biased? But not knowing your
      product takes the cake in my book! I think we Z scalers have a little
      more vision than some and we try to help each other out. Too bad the
      store folks don't have that attitude.

      Like Captain Kirk used to say,"going where no man has gone before"
      Maybe some hobby shop employees should take that attitude,......I know
      it wouldn't hurt for Radio Shack folks to "go there"

      Personal service, the blessing or curse of the customer experience.
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