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43529Re: [Z_Scale] Re: 9V Adaptors

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  • Jay Greer
    Mar 31, 2006
      I was trying to be kind!
      Normally I would not complain. But, let me elaborate for a moment. Recently
      I bought a multi meter at RADIO SHACK, took it home and found that it would
      not function. I took it back to the store where I bought it. Two days had
      passed. The salesman did not remember me. I explained the problem: ME: the
      product does not work! HIM: You have installed the wrong batteries. Me: I
      bought them from you they are brand new RADIO SHACK batteries. HIM: Then
      they are worn out. ME: They are two days old and did not work from the
      beginning. HIM: You will have to send it back and file a complaint! ME: Let
      me speak to your manager. HIM; He is not here. ME: Give me my money back
      or give me a new meter. HIM: I am not authorized to do that. ME: Please
      honor my request or I will file a formal complaint to the home office
      concerning your lack of professional attitude and assistance. HIM: Blank
      stare. Followed by I will see what I can do. Later, I received a new meter
      from the manager who was sitting on his ass in a back room!
      That is one reason I don't care to deal with RADIO SHACK.
      I could give you others but I am afraid I would not be using acceptable
      language to describe my other experiences with them!

      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Jay Greer <redwitch1@...> wrote:
      >> John,
      >> You are correct in your analogy of Radio Shack personnel. I have
      > yet >to find anyone there who even understands or can explain the
      > technical >aspects of their product line. Indeed, I believe that, in
      > order to >qualify for employment there, applicants must show that they
      > can hold a >blank stare for at least three minutes!
      >> Regards,
      >> Jay
      > Jay,
      > Only three minutes? Medford, Oregon Radio Shack personnel can stand
      > still for 5 minutes, not move once, blink only twice, and take 3
      > breaths......They're #1
      > Radio Shack......land of the living dead!
      > Loren
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