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43528Re: [Z_Scale] Considering Z scale

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  • John Duino
    Mar 31, 2006
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      Robert meant http://www.zscalehobo.com

      Z is growing fast and furious, to the point that collectors are starting
      to have to pick and choose (unless your name is Jim Manley..he just
      chooses the ALL option ;-) Great group of people, and this list
      contains some of the nicest, most helpful, and most talented individuals
      I've had the pleasure of conversing with in any hobby. Check a few of
      the other Z yahoo groups as well. I forget the exact names but there are
      ones devoted to scratch building, DCC, modules...the list continues.

      Review the archives, search the database, view the pics...if that
      doesn't sell you that Z is not only viable but incredible, then you're a
      very hard sell.

      Enjoy and welcome!

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