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43501Re: [Z_Scale] 9V Adaptors

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  • Alan Cox
    Mar 31, 2006
      On Gwe, 2006-03-31 at 16:12 +0000, Steve Gibbs wrote:
      > The sales person 'recommended' a 9V 800mA adaptor. I'm no
      > electrician,
      > but I usually take their staff recommendations with more than a grain
      > of salt. So I figured I'd come to the experts...

      You need a 9v adaptor that much is reasonable (or one of the
      multi-voltage ones with a switch). If you are replacing batteries it
      needs to be DC. Depending on the controller it may also need to be
      "regulated" or "smoothed". You will need to find that out from the
      controller maker.

      A basic 9v adapter puts out something vaguely around 9v with the voltage
      depending upon load and the actual output being a waveform varying
      between 0 and 9(ish) volts. A smoothed one outputs a 9v (ish) voltage
      which does not wave up and down so is more like a battery and a
      regulated 9v supply puts out a steady 9v until overloaded.

      800mA should be plenty. In fact 800mA is probably sufficient to power
      modern LED lighting circuitry as well as a loco. Märklin's own
      controllers are normally rated at 0-8v 500mA (*) to the track and 0-10v
      800mA to the lightning/motor circuits.

      If you only want to power track then 500mA regulated is probably fine


      (*) The newer ones use feedback and other clever stuff and are much more
      complicated but the older simple one did this.
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