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435009V Adaptors

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  • Steve Gibbs
    Mar 31, 2006
      Hi Folks,

      I just purchased one of ZThek's fantastic Snail Speed Controllers. The
      only problem I have is that my Marklin steamers drain the batteries
      like crazy. I was thinking of attempting to convert the controller so
      that I could run it from an outlet, but when I went to Radio Shack
      last night I discovered they have a multitude of different 9V

      The sales person 'recommended' a 9V 800mA adaptor. I'm no electrician,
      but I usually take their staff recommendations with more than a grain
      of salt. So I figured I'd come to the experts...

      Can anyone confirm this recommendation, or do you have a better
      suggestion. I'd rather get it right first time, than fry an expensive
      motor. Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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