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42289Re: Make My Model Passenger cars?

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  • sgt_tim7
    Mar 1, 2006
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      I don't have much experience dealing with Acrylic RP machining, but
      the few pieces I have are very brittle. I'm sure most people that
      have purchased vehicles from MakeMyModel will agree that they are
      delicate and can break very easily.

      Best bet for Heavy Weights are Plastic injection. Second best is
      brass/nickelsilver etched sides, cast metal under-carrage and cast
      resin roof. Third best would be made completely from casting resin
      in several pieces.

      I wouldn't even consider Acrylic RP for these cars! If they charge
      $10 for an itsy bitsy vehicle, imagine what a long heavy weight car
      would cost! Break it and what will you have? The acrylic does not
      bend. It breaks!

      Just my two cents.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Choua" <scottlee_o8@...> wrote:
      > What happened with the idea of having Make My Model
      > build us some Heavyweight passenger cars?
      > I'm ready to spend $120-$140 for a baggage car
      > combine and two coaches if they are ever made.
      > Or was this just one of the many pipe dreams
      > floated on this group?
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