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4186Re: [z_scale] DCC Operation from PC

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  • A H-Ellary
    Apr 30, 2001
      hi graham

      nice to see another z dcc'er i use digitrax chief and winlok ... with
      digitrax you can use the digitrax bdl16 current sensing block detector and
      winlok will pick up the info and use it as you feel fit.. i have to
      timetables(programs) on my winlock that control a commuter train what it
      does is start the train from the terminus after a wait time it sets up the
      route to exit the station then it drives off (slowly at first) down the spur
      line to wards the junction as it approaches the junction it sets the points
      so it can join the mail line (providing the route is clear) then it
      accelerates up to speed once on the mail line ...the train then does a few
      laps around the mail line checking the signals as it goes and if a signal is
      an caution or red it takes the appropriate action. after a few laps the
      train goes around the reverse loop and does a few more laps the other way
      then parks up in the hidden sidings and waits there after a while it will
      the restart and head up to the station where it pulls in to a free platform
      and stops where it starts all over again the whole set of events take it
      around 10 mins to complete. it also when its in the hidden siding or the
      platform the loco number is displayed in a indicator box on the ctc board
      which is displayed on the computer

      if you need any further info please contact me

      A H-Ellary the mad UK Z'er with digitrax Chief + winlok 2.1

      now with added web page www.nccnet.co.uk/ahellary
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      From: "Graham Starkey" <squeak@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 2:22 AM
      Subject: [z_scale] DCC Operation from PC

      > Hi.
      > A further question about the various types of DCC operation of Z. Do
      > any/all/some of them provide a way (as does the Märklin HO system) for
      > operation from a PC via a serial interface (or any other interface)?
      > My dream is to be able to operate totally from a PC and even unattended
      > the aid of IRDOT or equivalent train sensors. Each train would have a rout
      > defined and its progress would be governed by availability of the track as
      > it goes. Similarly, leading up to a signal or station would be a series of
      > sensors which would be able to monitor speed for the purpose of
      > braking. The down sides of course are the amount of sensors and wiring
      > required for a reasonable layout, and the amount of programming involved.
      > The former is a challenge for an electronics-illiterate klutz like me, but
      > as an IT consultant/developer by profession, the latter is fun as well as
      > straightforward.
      > Cheers
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