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  • randy smidt
    Dec 22, 2005
      Hi Yoshi (?),

      There are some pieces in Z scale, but not a lot.

      Marklin has a European (I think MB cab) dumptruck and cement mixer. Also had a tracked excavator and a wheeled excavator in two different sets. The excavators were not available by themselves and I think were made for Marklin by MZZ (see below).

      MZZ has the most, but they are somewhat pricey and hard to find in the USA.
      2 (?) different Liebherr cranes
      Caterpillar Road grader
      Volvo Rock Truck (articulated off road dumptruck)
      Dump trailer with MB (?) tractor
      Road roller
      Tracked Excavator
      Front Loader (European style)

      Ertl used to have some very small diecast pieces that you often see on N scale layouts but I think are closer to 1/192 scale. These are all Caterpillar pieces and include a Bulldozer, rock truck, pan, front loader, Challenger track type tractor and maybe one or two other pieces.

      The HotWheel Micro (or Atomix) line used to have a few more Caterpillar pieces including a Pan, Excavator, and offroad dump truck, road grader and I think two other pieces. Some of these are too small for Z scale though.

      Tomix (Tomy Toy) has at least a Komatsu tracked excavator with either a magnetic material handling attachment or a jack hammer head on it. They may also have a front loader and Komatsu bulldozer. Don Avilla and I have found a couple of these pieces by chance, but not very easy to find. Don found his in a gumball machine like vending machine. I found mine loose at a train show.

      There is an N scale Schaaf mini-excavator that Herpa makes that some folks have cut down the cab on to use for Z scale.

      The old Bachman N scale construction vehicle packs might have a couple usable pieces. The front loader and Euclid 1940's-1950's era offroad dump truck may work for Z since I think they are undersized for N scale.

      The old MicroMachines bulldozer would work OK for a 1980's model D9 bulldozer, although I think it is actually patterned on a D7 (which would work for N scale). The D7 and D9 were pretty close in appearance, just different sizes.

      Tim Beuhring, aka "Sgt. Tim", scratchbuilt some fantastic crane trucks (Terex's ?). He might be persued to produce these in resin once he gets his workshop set up again in his new abode. (Yes, Tim, I want some too ;-)

      MakeMyModel.com has recently released some on the road dumptrucks using their rapid prototyping process.

      There might be another piece or two out there that is usable from some N scale models, but that is pretty much it. I guess that's more than I thought, but less than I want. ;-)

      I may try my hand at scratchbuilding some construction equipment in another year or so, once I get some other projects out of the way. If they come out OK, I might duplicate them in resin (assuming I ever get the project off the ground).

      Randy Smidt
      Springfield, VA

      yoshi98bc <yoshi98bc@...> wrote:
      I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get z scale front loaders,
      backhoes, dump trucks, etc. Any help would he appreciated. Yhanks

      -Z- WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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