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39001RE: [Z_Scale] Motor-sickleZ! [ was: Re: Guzzisti }

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  • Melissa Cull
    Dec 5, 2005
      Hello Reynard,

      Thanks for the explaination, it all makes sense now.... The nearest we have
      to basket ball is net ball which isn't so fast and furious and usually only
      played by schoolgirls. I'm not a sporty person, only like participating in
      swimming and watching Sumo Wrestling. Anyone going to do Z scale swimmers
      and Sumo Wrestlers, so far only been able to get them on HO scale:-(

      Yes a Morgan would be very welcome in Z scale as would an E Type Jaguar and
      not to mention the cute but hilarous Robin Reliant 3 wheeler of "Only Fools
      and Horses" comedy fame.

      Kind RegardZ

      Melissa Cull

      Hello Melissa,
      I occasionally forget that this forum is international and will
      scribble notes in our homespun vernacular. "Slam-dunk" comes
      a basketball player's ability to merely get up on their tip-toes
      and slam a basketball through a 10 ft high net. It looks easy
      and effortless (even though I am sure that it takes talent and

      Gee whiz, if you're in Great Britain, a Morgan V twin auto-car
      would also be relevant!

      Best regards,
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