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38810RE: [Z_Scale] looking for vehicles

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  • Don
    Dec 1, 2005
      Do we have any Z Model Detectives here ?? Last year I ran unto a
      school bus and a couple of other models that I bought out of a gum-ball
      machine. Got the owner to open it and sell me what I wanted. I was
      never able to find anything more about the models. The box is written
      in a foreign script which I can not read, but it may be distributed out
      of the west coast. The only English script is "49" and a photo and an
      address [The last time I checked I could learn almost nothing as it also
      is written in a foreign script] www.yujin-net.com The Universal
      Product Code printed on the box is 4 904790 91968 8 but Google
      says this is an improper number. The bus is about 1.5 inches long and
      0.5 inches overall wide. It looks very good with many Z-scale models.
      If anyone wants a couple of photos of the bus and/or box contact me off
      line and I'll take a couple. I'm pretty sure I sent this to Loren last
      year who was going to take a stab at contacting the distributor which I
      think I traced to San Diego or when he in was in the San Diego are, but
      that was the weekend Robert left his module out in the sun ...and we all
      learned that was bad news. Anyway, any sleuths out there might be able
      to track these down models. We could all benefit as the several models
      I got were really pretty nice. ...never did try the gum...

      Akron, Ohio - USA

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      Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 2:38 AM
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      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] looking for vehicles

      Arie, I work for a Harley dealer and deal with other bikes as well. On
      and off road as well. Can I help with parts? Bill
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      From: Arie Knoops
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      Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 1:20 AM
      Subject: [Z_Scale] looking for vehicles

      Recently a couple of members were talking about a z scale school bus.
      think it was Robert (or was it on BAZ?) I thought that I had book
      the info but now can't find it...comes from being totally frustrated
      chasing down a couple of motorcycle gremlins for two different
      friends. And
      after what happened to me today with my motorbike (hit and run while
      I just wanted to focus on what I needed to order up for the winter box
      layout I'm starting. So the questions are who makes the American
      school bus, and also who makes utility vehicles from that period as
      well. I
      thought that I found some the same time that I looked up the bus. Any
      will help sooth my frazzled nerves, either that or an adult beverage!
      right, as if I can even be considered mature enough to be called an
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