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  • Ed Dalman
    Nov 7, 2005
      Thanks Tom

      I just started to work with a cork roadbead for the first time.
      What do you recommend to use as a sealer? (before it is too late to do so.)

      I also solder pigtails at the middel of track sections and not at the joints. This works great when to make a change.

      Take care,
      Lakeside, CA

      thomascb2004 <thomascb2004@...> wrote:
      I agree with Adam. One additional thing I would mention about
      flextrack, especially if you have not worked with it before...make
      sure you do not permit flat spots in your radius. Adam said it a
      little differently, but non-the-less.

      If your layout is to travel (go to shows) you should seal the cork
      roadbed at the transition points. This is subtle but important.
      Humidity is going to creep into the cork somewhere along the way and
      will expand. This expansion will open the pores of the cork and
      ballast, dirt, etc will get inot the pores which will cause the cork
      to swell. Now you have a bump in your transition and a potential
      source for wheels to hop off track. This is more so if you use
      Marklin expansion track.

      As for track soldering...I have sort of gotten into soldering each
      piece of track and not soldering at the joints (curves are the
      obvious exception). This is a little extra work but certainly has
      big payoff when troubleshooting or revisions that may crop up. Plus
      expansion problems are reduced.

      Welcome to Z Scale!

      Tom in Dallas

      -Z- WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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