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375Hey! Keith Walker is in Houston

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  • BJKRONEN@xxx.xxx
    Oct 5, 1999
      Hi All:

      One of our Z Scale list members has traveled to Houston on Business. Just
      got off the phone with Keith Walker having made plans to terrorize the local
      train shops with him while he's here. Provided his work schedule allows for

      Since Keith has an interest in trying his hand at Z scale paper models for
      buildings, I promised him a web site that has a color paper model...for free.

      Then I though to myself, why not send it to him by way of the list? Perhaps
      other list members might want to try their hand at Z scale oragami too.


      Complete instructions appear on this page. Use your graphics software to
      reduce it to Z scale. Print it out. Fold it up. Then you will have some
      idea if you want to spend money purchasing some of the paper building sets
      offered for sale on the web.

      The worst you can do is come out of the deal with a nice looking lighthouse,
      even if the building is not to your taste.

      Anybody live in Orlando, FL? I'll be there all next week on business. Any Z
      scale shops I need to know about? Or just good RR shops, period?

      Bill Kronenberger