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36244Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Micro Track Turnouts???

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  • The Prez
    Oct 2, 2005
      Back to the turnouts topic, Joe is there any minimal chance they
      will implement any power routing feature as well as Kato UNITrack
      does? Is it at least under evaluation?

      Thanks in advance,


      Joe DAmato wrote:
      > Tim,
      > I'm working as fast as I can guys...lots to do, lots to make. Our
      > first switch is a #6 and I would like to do something in an #8 or #10
      > range in the future. A lot depends on how the #6 sells and we see
      > profit potential in further units. I don't think we will have any
      > problems, the track is doing very well. I expect that no matter what
      > we do, some folks will want/need something else, and I understand
      > that.
      > As far as release dates, I don't know...and as far as being bullet
      > proof, I can assure you that we have worked hard on the design and
      > will test to death our first shots. Loren will probably get first
      > shot and if it survives him, we are golden. I want to run this stuff
      > too, and it doesn't do me any good if I have to mess with it at
      > home...besides, the boss give me funnly looks when we make something
      > that doesn't work!
      > The next batch of GP-35's are about ready, I think the next two
      > releases will make everyone (almost everyone) happy.
      > Joe D'Amato
      > MTL

      Non temo Berlusconi in sè. Temo Berlusconi in me.
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