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  • randy smidt
    Sep 2, 2005
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      Thanks for the comments.

      Great ideas on the mortar lines. I'll have to give that a try.

      Randy Smidt

      Reynard Wellman <micron@...> wrote:
      Hello Randy,
      I must say that I agree with you for the most part.
      That's why I was so pleased to contribute enhancements
      for the PennZee paper structures, which are doing quite

      I assume by the size and scale of your needs that you
      are modeling Downtown Cincinnati or something ; >))
      Most folks limit the amount of structures on their layouts
      to a few key railroad operations, industries, farms
      and edges of a small town, etc. But everybody is unique,
      having different goals and interests. The challenges
      in model railroading are the real fun of the hobby.
      Figuring out ways to make the mortar in your brick
      white instead of black is just such an example.
      If you have a pretty good color printer there is no
      reason why you cannot create some Z brick squares
      without the black line. Space them apart so that
      there is a "white" space between them. Use the
      same color as your fill for your brick outlines or
      "no lines". You should see some white mortar between
      your bricks. Use 3M Super 88 to bond your paper
      to the chipboard and you're set to brick up a

      Check out the Narrow Gauge Gazette sometime.
      Those guys even have wrenches and screw drivers
      for their HO scale machine shops.

      Many of our structures would not look very good
      in anything else but brass, while other ideas would be
      okay in paper or plastic.
      The main reason that I have not released some of
      my bigger brass Z projects is ...
      well, you said it best.

      I believe that our Zscratch line, on the other hand,
      is quite reasonable.

      Thanks for your notes, they are good arguments.

      I had to break into my long term savings to obtain
      some of AZL's pretty choo choos. But worth every

      As I have seen, Z scale is not for the faint-walleted.

      Best regards,


      On Thursday, September 1, 2005, at 01:25 PM, randy smidt wrote:

      > Reynard,
      > I am aware of your brass kits as well as Micro-structures' brass kits
      > and the PennZee card stock buildings.
      > I guess I should have said "affordable" urban brick buildings. While
      > I do plan on using some MicronArt and Micro-Structures kits (and
      > Scratch material, once I get comfortable working on brass), I can't
      > afford to populate a whole series of urban themed modules with this
      > product other than for the up front part of the scenes. Just building
      > a couple of city blocks would cost in the hundreds of dollars.
      > I have looked at card models as an affordable alternative, but I like
      > to have relief detail and light colored mortar joints on my models.
      > It is difficult to find light colored mortar in card stock kits (most
      > have black lines) and impossible to get the relief detail (at least
      > for the mortar joints, not any relief in the brick work).
      > I would like to see "affordable" plastic brick material or building
      > kits.
      > I will say thank you for the scratch product you have produced
      > though. At least we CAN scratchbuild brick structures now, just not
      > inexpensively for a large volume of structures.
      > Randy Smidt
      > Springfield, VA

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