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35040Re: A hood for SW-1 - My first etched brass model

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Sep 1, 2005

      I should have said that it took less then 1 1/2 hours max to cut,
      bend and solder the hood together. Trying to get good photos takes
      me a lot of my time.

      On top of all this, it is fun and there is a bunch of satisfaction in
      doing it. There has been no frustration in assembling the hood.
      Trying to master the camera and to get proper lighting and to post it
      to the group is where all the frustration is.

      The other frustration is watching all the incompetence displayed by
      the elected leaders of the states and cities where all the disaster
      has been hitting. I don't want to blame the Pres. He has too much
      responsibility already. Disasters like this need competent local
      management. The professionals, the police, firemen, doctors, Coast
      Guard, Army, Navy do their jobs but there must be local coordination
      to help the people on the streets. This must come from the elected
      officials who are supposed to be familiar with the local conditions.

      Sorry, there is just so much misery and it is only the begining.

      Bill H.
      El Toro, Ca
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