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35039Re: Re: MT log cars and GP35

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  • Vincent Goudreault
    Sep 1, 2005
      Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 11:19:15 -0000
      From: "www.zscalemonster.com" <anthony@...>
      Subject: Re: MT log cars and GP35

      Good morning everybody.


      I does hurt for me to have to display "OOP, Sold Out" right away as
      I thought for sure I had have plenty. I had the N scale release to
      go by and believe it or not... the Z sold out faster than the 1st N
      scale loc car. No one thought that would be possible. Both Loren
      Snyder and I wish we could go to MTL and work nights... producing
      more log cars for you but the watch dogs would do more work on us.

      So there you have it. Shocking but true. Sad but true.
      Chin up, If they think like they did in N scale... they will be back
      with a different log load in no time. :)

      Best wishes!

      It may be bad for those who did not get in line early, BUT

      1- MTL didn't exactly destroy the molds, so they can re-release it next
      just as you hinted.
      (correct me if I am wrong, but from the pics I have seen, there is no road
      number on those log cars. Is this true?)

      2- the speed with which it sold out shows how interested and active a Z
      community there is
      and that can only be an incentive for more new release/models/reprints,
      And this may bring even more interested mannufacturers in the fray.

      All in all, it's all good for most of us.

      By they way, I have another one of those strange questions. As we all know
      (probably) the
      GP-35 (the prototype) was available either as a low short hood or high short
      What was housed in the high hood section that expands on the low one? Was
      that volume
      left empty, or was there equipment? And if there was equipment, where was
      it moved to in
      the case of the low hood units?

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