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35038Re: The CarZtenbahn LIVES!

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  • ulmubi
    Sep 1, 2005
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Ibbotson" <yahoo@i...> wrote:
      > Nicely done, however I have one question:

      Fire away, Peter!

      > The Woodland scenics water looks good but what is underneath it? Is
      > Styrofoam, plaster cloth, a layer of paint (what sort? Acrylic?)
      then the
      > water?

      You can see the styrofoam in the previous pictures. I simply added a
      couple of layers of plaster cloth over these bits and pieces, then
      used a simple latex (water based) paint to color the riverbed. I had
      visions of adding tallus for rocks, but found the appearence to be
      unrealistic, so I simply poured the mixture right into the basin. I
      started a bit above and behind the bridge and let the flow around the
      bridge piers. The result looks quite good, though by no means
      perfect. Still, it represents a low spot with some standing water
      quite well...

      > I'm just about to need to start adding water to my layout this
      weekend with
      > a bit of luck but I've been a bit worried about whatever I use
      escaping out.

      The stuff dries pretty quickly, so there is little chance of seeping
      into the cloth. One word of caution: The mixture cools and hardens
      very rapidly. If you have a way of heating your *disposable*
      container very close to the layout, so much the better. Heat it
      until it begins to smoke, then immediately pour into your riverbed /
      basin / lakebed.

      > Both plaster cloth and the woodland scenics water I can get over
      the weekend
      > and use to get this bit done.

      The ease of procurement of materials is one reason why I used the
      materials I did! Good luck!

      - Carsten
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