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  • Eric Menzel
    Sep 1, 2005

      I have many projects in the works as far as modern freight is
      concerned. I don't want to build up too much expectation, but I will
      be sure to announce projects as they are released for production. I
      have purchased a CNC mini mill and have been working on brass masters
      to mold and cast resin copies from. I have also quoted and demo'ed a
      CO2 laser and currently have my brother working on designs for
      modern urban acrylic buildings and other various industries.

      One goal that I will let out is to produce a blast furnace and other
      steel industry buildings, as well as hot metal bottle and ingot
      cars. But details will be officially announced at a later time.

      As far as turnouts. I understand that Code55-60 is the standard as
      far as compatibility with current production track. I have been
      working with a company that extrudes soft metals, such as nickel-
      silver, trying to produce a die that will extrude rail at around a
      code 45. This way it should mate with code 55-60, as well as code
      40, with minor amounts of filing, and yet preserve the better looks.
      Again, I will release more details as more information comes in, and
      as soon as I can post the updated website to the web.

      Hope this helps...

      Eric P. Menzel

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, randy smidt <randy@s...> wrote:
      > Eric,
      > "Milling brass masters of various cars", can you share more info
      with us?
      > Modern Tank Cars and Hoppers?
      > When will you have more turnouts ready. I saw them at NTS and they
      looked great, but I had no idea you were selling them for just $20!
      Did you do any (or have plans to do any) in code 55? I know the code
      40 looks better, but the majority of other track systems out there
      for Z scale still use code 55-60.
      > Thanks,
      > Randy Smidt
      > Springfield, VA
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