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  • jim_manley_alpha_six
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      First, this is not off-topic. Every single one of us is going to be
      affected by what's happened down in the Gulf of Mexico. Gasoline has
      already gotten up to $6.07 a gallon in Atlanta, and that may just be a
      harbinger of things to come, since the entire Eastern two-thirds of
      the country gets its vehicle, electrical, and heating fuel via the
      Gulf. If petroleum gets up to about $75 ~ $80 a barrel, the U.S.
      economy will most likely fall into a full-blown recession.

      Having served on Navy amphibious ships that participated in many
      humanitarian service operations in the U.S. and around the world, I
      can tell you that what has happened in Louisiana, Mississippi, and
      Alabama is definitely on a par with the worst of the worst in
      disasters world-wide. Upward of a million people are likely homeless
      right now, and 70,000 may ultimately remain permanently homeless as a
      result of this disaster, through loss of income-earning relatives,
      homes, jobs, and other property.

      So, how is this on-topic? Well, it turns out that there is a lot we
      can do to help the unfortunate people directly affected by this
      catastrophe. The Bay Area Z Scale Module Cooperative (aka the BAZ
      BoyZ) will be making personal contributions and setting out collection
      jars for the Red Cross and other low-administrative-cost charities at
      all of the train shows where we will be exhibiting going forward. We
      will be donating blood, since the nation's blood supply is well under
      a week in duration at this time of year, and the number of people who
      will become ill is going to stretch the medical infrastructure all
      over the South, and probably the rest of the country, to some degree,
      for months, at least. We may even need to open our homes to people
      who have nowhere else to turn. In the longer term, perhaps we can
      donate some Z trains or other appropriate items to kids who have lost
      everything. We strongly urge you to do these and similar things.

      The phrase, "There, but for dumb luck, go I", or something more
      religious, may apply to those of us outside the immediate area of the
      disaster, but that doesn't mean you can't help. These are the times
      that try people's souls, but they are also the times that allow us to
      determine whether we are truly civilized. Now is not the time to hide
      your head in the sand, roadbed gravel, or any other mineral. A lot of
      people are depending on us, and I'm sure you would hope that someone
      else were offering a helping hand if this had happened to you.

      To help reduce the blood pressure of at least one moderator, which has
      no doubt broken the glass gage on their sphygnomanometer, I would
      recommend no further posts on this subject, other than further ideas
      on how we can potentially help, individually and as the Community that
      we are.

      All Z BeZt, and count your blessings if you're not a victim,

      > Please, let's not clog everyone's e-mail box on topic's O.T. via
      > post's
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