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35009Re: Discount Model Trains - MT log cars

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  • jim_manley_alpha_six
    Sep 1 2:50 AM
      GreetingZ Gordon, Adam and Z BeZt o' Z ReZt,

      Gordon, you may not be aware that the log carZ were released only a
      month or so ago, and there are conflicting reportZ that they are no
      longer available from MTL already (similar to the situation with
      almost all of the recent new body style releaseZ over the last year).
      Loren told me he couldn't get them aZ of a couple of weekZ ago, but
      one of our local hobby shopZ here in the SF Bay area said he waZ still
      able to order them just after I had talked to Loren. Anthony at
      ZScaleMonster.com iZ listing them aZ out-of-production and sold-out,
      but some on-line storeZ are still listing them aZ available (e.g.,
      TexNrails.com), but it'Z not clear whether they're actually in-stock.

      MTL'Z marketing "wiZardZ" (and I uZe that term in the loosest possible
      sense) have yet to comprehend what Joe D'Amato haZ been trying to tell
      them - prototype rolling stock like Gunderson Husky container carZ,
      log carZ, tanker carZ, coal and grain hopperZ, autorackZ, centerbeamZ,
      flat carZ, etc., are found in large numberZ (often in one, or at most,
      a few, road nameZ) in what are called unit trainZ (made up of only one
      type of carZ, e.g., a coal drag), or long-distance consists that
      contain a few typeZ of carZ. As such, thoZe of us who like to model
      such trainZ have, and will continue to want to, buy larger numberZ of
      carZ than haZ been true in the past. Joe said that the production of
      the new GP-35s will be three timeZ what waZ orginally planned, due to
      the surpriZing (to MTL, at least) popularity of the recent new car
      typeZ, like the early releaseZ of the Gunderson HuskieZ (one very
      popular road name of which sold out at MTL in one day).

      It'Z likely that some of theZe carZ are being bought on speculation
      (not unlike the recent real estate "boom"), and that they will dribble
      out in ePrey auctionZ. If the dribble iZ slow enough, the speculatorZ
      will make some money (averaging about a 20% return on investment, if
      history iZ any guide, which ain't bad, considering the paltry - if any
      - returnZ from stockZ, bondZ, money marketZ, savingZ accountZ, etc.,
      during the past few yearZ). However, if too many of them were bought
      on speculation and are put up for sale too quickly, Adam Smith's
      "invisible hand of the marketplace" will soon bring priceZ down to a
      nominal level.

      Caveat Emptor, et Carpe Carp (SieZe the Fish).

      All Z BeZt,
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