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3481Re: Lighting the Ludwig

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  • kim@blueneptune.com
    Mar 5, 2001
      > Perhaps now you can help me ...
      > How do you attach your brass strips to the wagon chassis?

      The Ludwig chassis has four slots and I slid four strips of thin brass
      connections through it and twisted it on both sides to hold it in
      place. I also added epoxy inside the loco so it holds the brass strips
      from moving.

      > How do you manage to apply sufficient pressure on the axle to

      maintain a
      > circuit, without applying too much drag to the entire train?

      I did that through trial and error. I drew a few stripes on the wheel
      so I know when it rotates and put it on the track and pushed it if the
      wheels did not rotate I adjusted the pressure on the brass strips so
      it was free enough to rotate.
      The spring method of pickup from Bill seem to be the easier way. I am
      going to try that next. Will keep you posted on how it works out.


      > HTH
      > Cheers,
      > jeff
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