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34448RE: [Z_Scale] Re: Reguarding Z Scale Bumpers

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  • william dunn
    Aug 2 8:45 PM
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      I am the person that sent the inquiry to "Adam" about the Scale Bumpers.
      I purchased them on eBay and I Did one thing wrong. I made the fatal
      mistake and ASSUMED that they were made by Adam. The Hobby Dealer did
      not Claim that they were made by Adam.

      I send my apology to Adam and the Hobby Dealer on eBay.


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      Thanks, Larry, for a very accurate response.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Card" <lpcard@h...> wrote:
      > >I really don't appreciate this Adam person saying I was claiming
      > >where his.
      > He didn't. Someone else posted a message to the list that said
      they had
      > bought some from you, and thought they were his. At no time did
      he imply
      > that you had claimed his work as your own; the closest he came to
      > that was to state if the bumpers that this person had bought were
      in fact
      > his, someone had bought them from him to resell them. He checked
      on it and
      > determined that this was not the case and posted this information
      on the
      > list.
      > V/R
      > Larry P. Card
      > Franklinton NC

      -Z- WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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