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32465RE: [Z_Scale] BAD accident and no scrap

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  • Don
    May 2, 2005
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      I bumped into this site about a month ago and sent an E-Mail to Krug
      saying that I thought he had the best collections of photographs from
      more than 95% of the photos on the web. The reason they are so good is
      that they are taken from vantage points that only a train engineer can
      get to, while the rest of us are outside looking in from the roadway or
      down from a bridge. ...plus he is really funny. He had one story about
      "doing it" by the "book" where if you read the book word by word, there
      is no correct way -- unless the loco sprouts wings or a propeller etc.
      Anyway, I looked at every one of his photos over a two week period. For
      anyone else, take the time and scroll though his photos. He has some
      views that are really unique plus you'll get some great ideas for
      scenery. In addition he also has some train information that I'm
      willing to bet you have never seen before.


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      "zbarr474" <d.f.avila@a...> wrote:

      > Also if you have a BAD accident is there apt to be any salvage value
      other than scrap metal.
      > ...don

      Hi Don,

      Go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Read the
      comments just above the photo.


      If you have the time to spend go here:


      Great stories with great photos. I use some of them for my desktop.

      If you are short on time at least read this one:


      I guess that this is the third week that I have been reading Krug's
      tales. I am not even 1/4 way through.

      If you do not like his stories and photos, you do not like trains.

      Bill H
      El Toro, Ca
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