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  • Don
    May 2 4:32 AM
      Thanks for all those tidbits. Windoze XP was a real surprise. I guess
      Billy Gates is really going to run everything. I can just see a piece
      of spam working its way in and messing up signal control. Couldn't a
      trackside hacker have a field day. Scary!

      Actually the price doesn't seem as high as I thought it might be. The
      basic power equipment seems fairly simple, but all the electronics and
      controls must cost a real bundle.

      Again thanks for a couple of eye openers.


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      Hi Don and All the Other Dandy DudetteZ 'n DudeZ,

      The average cost of a brand-spanking-new GE or EMD diesel-electric
      locomotive is about $2 million today, but, as with any other mode of
      transportation, your mileage may vary a few hundred thousand dollars
      either way, [snip]
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