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32455Z scale Hayes Mk 2 Bumper photos posted

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  • Adam
    May 1 7:25 PM
      Photos / Texas & Beyond / Z scale track bumpers

      This version is fashioned after the pictures of the (CSX) prototype
      in Huntington, WV. It is of all-styrene construction, and painted to
      resemble the prototype (note the baseplates and orange trim).

      This model is more intricate than the Hayes Mk 1 (BNSF type), and
      paint would be optional at additional cost.

      I've started building some jigs to help expedite production, and am
      still refining the process. However, I expect to commence
      construction immediately (if not within 48 hours).

      So heretoforth I will be referring to the BNSF style Hayes as the Mk
      1, and the CSX style as the Mk 2.

      Comments, suggestions, and your interest welcome.

      Adam Amick
      Dallas, Texas
      Texas & Beyond MRHS
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