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32442Re: [Z_Scale] Marklin Z Track

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    May 1 9:32 AM

      > Here I have some of those tracks too which I believe to be originally
      > Märklin tracks, and they have 1N4001 diodes installed. The same is
      > true for the return loop set 8993 from Märklin.
      > How safe are those installations?

      Remember, I'm the electrical "conservative" in the crowd. It just goes
      against my fabric to risk tearing into finished scenery at some future point to dig
      out a wire, or component, that has failed. I can never, ever, get the
      scenery to look right afterwards. Sort of like trying to patch a crack in the wall
      of a house. You can always tell you've repaired it.

      The 1N4001 is a 50 volt version, and I suspect it is in the range of
      "acceptable" solutions. Its 1 amp current rating is probably just fine for Marklin
      and MTL (MRC 1300) type packs. It you move up to a higher output power supply
      (amps) I would be more concerned.

      On this list, where heavens-know-what power packs a given person is using, I
      default to the higher 3 amp recommendation and have the confidence that I
      won't get a fire-and-brimstone email from someone in the future because the diode

      The cost of the 1N4001, 1N4002 and 1N5401 are identical at most retailers.
      You choose.

      Bill K.

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