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32431Re: [Z_Scale] Marklin Z Track

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    May 1, 2005

      > Yes - a sort of stumpy black torpedo with wire from each end soldered
      > either side of the gap. There are a couple of blue lines, with, what I think, is
      > 40C, but as I was looking under a magnifying glass I may be wrong.

      > >Also, there are two pieces of 8500 straight track. Each has a gap in
      > >one side of the track towards one end, with what seems to be a
      > >capacitor soldered across the gap.
      Brian called it correctly...a piece of track normally furnished with
      roundhouses and engine sheds to keep locos from ramming into the back wall.

      Diodes conduct DC power in one direction, but not both. When the last power
      pickup wheel of a loco crosses over the gap in the rail, the loco will stop.
      However, if the polarity of the power pack is reversed, the diode will
      conduct, and the train will be able to reverse its direction and move again.

      I might be useful close to the end of a siding...to keep locos from running
      off the end of the track. Check to see that the diode is pointed in the
      "desired" direction of travel before you fasten the track down to the layout.

      Bill K.

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