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31612Re: MR - Why not Z?

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Apr 4 4:39 AM
      "Flayrah" <flayrah@y...> wrote:
      > <snip>
      > but I see different attitudes and approaches to the hobby from
      almost all other gauges (interestingly, large scale, garden
      railroaders also seem "immune" from the majority). It's a very
      interesting question. I personally have no interest at all in O, HO,
      or N.

      Hi Flayrah,

      It is easy to understand why hobby shops do not ignore the large scale
      models. 30% gross profit on a large scale locomotive or freight car
      is many times the profit on a Z scale car. Also it is much easier to
      convince the spouse why you spent $300.00 on a locomotive that you
      must hold in both hands instead of a locomotive that you can hide in
      the palm of one.

      Another factor is the shop personnel. They sell what they know.
      There are not enough Z scale hobbiest working in our shops. If you
      want to boost Z scale sales in your local hobby shop you must convert
      the shop owner and all the sales personnel. Build a little Z scale
      module for display in the shop. If it does not produce sales, it will
      create interest.

      El Toro, Ca
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