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31553Re: [Z_Scale] MR - Why not Z?

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Apr 2, 2005
      --- ztrack@... wrote:
      > I just received the May 2005 issue of Model
      > Railroader. One article really
      > caught my eye... Mountain railroading in a small
      > room (page 86). The two page
      > photo shows the B&O Sand Patch Grade during the
      > autumn. The photo is stunning!
      > The article goes on how you can model this sweeping
      > curved scene in a small
      > room. Okay what scale, N or Z. Of course not, they
      > are talking HO. The article
      > goes on to use terms such as tricky carpentry, and
      > big time compression in
      > order to make it work. Also factor no room for
      > staging. What the heck? WHY?
      > See to fit this in a 13' x 13' room, it require two
      > levels including tight
      > curves on a helix. The room is crammed and can
      > accommodate two people
      > comfortably.
      > My question, why would the author even consider HO
      > for this layout in this
      > space? N scale would be a better choice, but again
      > compromises would have to be
      > made. Why not Z? The photo on page 86 would made an
      > awesome Z scale layout or
      > series of modules. It could be done too scale! For
      > instance, I estimate the
      > train shown in the photo is about 1000 feet long.
      > That takes up about 1/2 of the
      > photo. In, Z, that train would be about 4 1/2 feet
      > long. If this is the true,
      > the complete scene, modeled to scale would be about
      > 9' - 10' feet long. This
      > would easily fit on one wall of a normal room
      > (again, to scale).
      > So here is a classic case of the wrong scale for the
      > right project. I wish MR
      > would stop forcing track plans on readers that do
      > not fit the space. They
      > should look closer at the smaller scales the can
      > realistically fill the space and
      > offer modelers choices such as staging and
      > prototypical operations in
      > uncompressed spaces. I do not want to bass MR, it is
      > not my intent. HO is the king of
      > scales and because of this, it will also be a focal
      > point for MR. To me, I
      > see this as another opportunity for Z to shine.
      > Rob Kluz

      (Sorry I leave here all Rob's statement which is
      interresting and true from A to....Z!)

      It's fun because I received my May issue of MR 2 days
      ago, and when reading this interresting article which
      had the same appeal for me, I obviously got to the
      same conclusion.

      But It's still the same problem: an huge majority of
      MR's readers are HO-scalers, a fair proportion is made
      up with N-scalers, and I think most of these still
      consider Z as a novelty. When last November issue
      showed Jeffrey's Val Ease Central, I was anxious of
      following issue's readers digest. I thought that two
      or three complete pages would have been filled with
      reader's reactions, about the thrill they would have
      encountered with Jeffrey's layout and our favorite

      So I was very disappointed to find almost no reaction,
      except a statement about equivalent surface (as it is
      likely an error occured in Jeffrey's article about the
      equivalent surface between his layout and an HO sample
      of Val Ease Central). It was all about this awesome

      So, as most MR's readers continue to ignore Z scale,
      for me it's an explanation why or scale is mostly
      forgotten in this magazine. Thus the article about
      cabooses 2 months ago, totally bypassing our favourite

      Anyway to my eyes MR is a good magazine, with plenty
      of good ideas (last for me: how to model a western
      desert landscape in April's issue), but I don't hold
      my breath about Z scale news in it: There have been no
      reports of new stuff from about 5 or 6 years, no AZL,
      no Marklin GG1, no MTL gundersons, nothing. I'm very
      interrested to see what MTL GP35s fate will be, but
      once more I don't hold my breathe.

      I'm more confident in all you guys (Jeffrey, Jim
      Glass, Bill Kronenberger, Tom Gilchrist and others)
      who continuously show wonderful layouts and modules in
      heavy modelrailroad shows, to gain more and more
      interrested people, outside of the traditional
      modelrailroading community.

      Just my two cents,


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