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30081Re: Campfire in Z (burnt forest area)

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Hi Tina,

      A burnt forest area is a lot of fun to model and relatively easy. It
      takes a small number of spirea twigs that you can "plant" and break
      to personal taste in the burnt area. The twigs can be blackened with
      an india ink wash in isoproply alcohol. I also used the india ink
      wash and diluted black acrylic paint dabbed on with a stiff brush to
      depict a burnt over section of woodland. The undegrowth being burnt
      up, I applied my ashes to a barren rock surface of prepainted

      Remeber that most of the smaller branches will have been destroyed so
      only the thicker trunks and branches should have survived the fire
      (depending on how long and how hot it burned - you are the fire
      warden so you can decide). In my case, the fire was caused by a
      cigarette tossed from a machinery operator at a wood cutting site.
      As a result, the fire was put out rather quickly so there was no need
      to show a large area of burnt off forest. The burnt area included
      several stumps from the woodcutting operation and a section of burnt

      The great thing about this kind of scene is that you can place a
      smoke generator under the burnt forest and have smoke drift up
      through a fine mesh covering the access point to the generator. Here
      you can use some of those Preiser unpainted figurines (painted grimy
      black from head to toe) as members of the fire crew. No need for
      detail work on the figurines!

      Just as an afterthought, you could use real ashes tamped down with a
      fingertip onto the almost dry acrylic paint (I didn't do this so I
      have no idea what the final effect might be).

      Have fun!

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      B) Has anyone modeled a forest fire? Or burnt land?
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