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30077More Washington,DC photos from Greenberg's show this past weekend

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  • randy smidt
    Feb 28, 2005
      Hi All,

      Well, Bryan always beats me to getting photos online,
      but I just added mine. Had to stay up past my bedtime
      to do it, though. ;-)

      A couple of comments on the photos:

      The Congressional Limited set that is behind the GG-1
      was a customer painted set that Bob Olson of PennZee
      had someone paint up for him a few years back.

      Art Bildman's downtown area has 16 buildings around
      the town square. Amazingly, only 2 of the buildings
      are repeats, but even they are disguised enough that
      you really have to study them to catch the duplicates.

      Somewhere in the photos is Bryan's wife. Bryan is the
      envy of us all, his wife actually buys him trains,
      including the GS3 set and an SD45!

      Also, in some of the photos, you can see hats and
      shirts that Art Bildman had printed up for the group.
      Bill Marsh is hiding in one of the photos. Sorry
      Bill, didn't realize you were in there. Not pictured
      is Tony Perez, who was spliting his time between us
      and the WAMALTEC (sp?) Lego train group. they had an
      amazing set up as well. Tony is talking about doing Z
      scale sized Lego trains as well!

      Obviously, we are still in the process of building
      these modules that are smaller than previously built
      modules. We found out the hard way that BIG modules
      look great but are a bear to transport to shows. One
      of Rob Allbritton's modules takes about 6 people to
      move. I actually painted the bare pink foam of the
      endloop module a base coat of green during the show,
      to the astonishment of many. Lots of comments about
      how neat it was to "see the process of how modules are
      built". Although we appreciated the comments, that
      wasn't our goal, these modules just aren't finished
      yet. ;-) We may do a demo module showing various
      construction techniques in the future though.

      We had a great time and may have 4 new recruits, 3 of
      whom were women! We even may have recruited a new
      prospect for our neighbor's in the Richmond ZtrakZ
      group. Every one was asking were they could buy Z
      scale, unfortunately none of the vendors had any with
      them, although we talked briefly with our local hobby
      shop that was also a vendor at the show and promised
      to coordinate with them in the future and send Z scale
      recruits to their table if they bring Z along with
      them to sell.

      Well, gotta go, my wife just told me to come to bed.

      Take Care,
      Randy Smidt
      Springfield, VA
      Washington, DC Z-Bend Track