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2942Re: [z_scale] WARNING: Duratrax Power Shot Dissolves Marklin Motors

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  • bjkronen@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2001
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      > Now the motor is partly dissolved and the 88991 needs at least a new motor.
      > am not sure what other damage, if any, was done.
      > Anybody have any comments about 'Miracle Cleaners'??

      I can only tell you about things that repeatedly work for our group here in

      Dirty commutators: Atlas Conductalube. One drop on the commutator while the
      motor is running on a 9 volt battery does absolute wonders to the physical
      appearance of the commutator, and very, very noticeably affect the motor
      speed (20% increase in rpm) the second it hits. Mind you, no more than one
      drop. Does not have any effect on plastics, brushes or wire insulation.

      New experience: I had a motor from a Marklin F7 which was unusable due to a
      "ring of fire" running around the commutator. No chemical, brush, or solvent
      I had would touch it. But thanks to another member, I got the opportunity to
      drop the motor into a 70% alcohol bath in an ultrasonic cleaner (MicroMart,
      among others). After 5 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner, that motor became
      the best motor I own. It ran for hours and hours non-stop at last week's two
      day GATS show here on the Z-Bend Track modules. Very impressed. I'm saving
      my pennies for my own now.

      Bill Kronenberger
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