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28944Train rides

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  • David George
    Feb 2, 2005
      I have been riding trains in Switzerland for last two weeks. Bernina Express out of St Moritz,,Glacier Express,St Mo to Zermatt,,Centovalli Express,Zermatt to Locarno,,and will finish up on Loetschberg Express from Zermatt to Bern, then on to Zurich on This Friday. Beautiful sunny AND snow filled landscape. Tunnels and Bridges are coming out of my ears .

      Zurich has a great model train store , I hear. I already bought a special PIG engine in a tin commmemorative box in Chur last week. Merchant gave me a good price just to get rid of it. He had two HO sets to seel also.

      Mister Dave ,
      "G B & CC "
      Internet time is costly at my hotel

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