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28943Re: MTL GP35 and track bottom close ups

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  • loren snyder
    Feb 2, 2005
      x harold grady <butch60619@y...> wrote:
      > Great photos. I can't hardly wait. The natural
      > assumption
      > would be since they have the chassis already developed
      > is
      > that we could be enjoying this beautiful locomotive
      > maybe mid-summer or even a tad before (smile).
      > But anyways folks save all your rogue gp38 shells
      > cause there is going to be a whole lot of kitbashing
      > going on. Me myself am itching to do a gp60 and a
      > gp40.
      > Harold Grady
      Harold and all who eagerly await the GP35,
      Today I had occasion to go to MTL and take a first hand look at not
      only the chassis of the GP35, but also the shell. Remember that
      saying "Try it..you'll like"? Well, I'm here to tell you all that
      we are all going to like it very much. Very much
      indeed!! I visited with Joe, one of MTL's chief
      engineers, and he ran the chassis for me and allowed me to take
      close up photos of the
      chassis, but he asked me not to show them until this
      weekend,....why, I don't know, but I must honor his
      request. He was going to allow me to take some pictures of
      the shell, but changed his mind at the last minute. That's ok, Joe
      and the rest of the MTL staff have very good reasons for doing and
      saying what they do I'm sure. Seems a little strange not to want
      the photos shown quite yet, since several folks have already viewed
      the chassis in action.
      I will agree with Jeffrey, who saw the chassis run at last week
      end's train show, she is a smooth runner, and Joe said the one I was
      watching was NOT the quiet one. Are you kidding? We are going to
      like it very much when it finally comes out. Of course, the release
      date is still up in the air as well as the road names, but Joe said
      that they hope to have several to run at NTS 2005.
      The body is still missing the cab area, which is still being
      machined and whatever else they have to do to it. It looks to me
      like the 35 is going to be a very hot item, and here's hoping that
      this fall sees a lot more than just leaves fall Maybe we will all
      have a little GP35 fall into our hands. I'll post the close ups of
      the chassis this weekend under Z Train Things photo folder. Loren
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