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2586Re: [z_scale] 2001 Moderator's Message

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  • Dieter_Mac_Nolte@t-online.de
    Jan 6, 2001
      Dear Jeff,

      well, the last word may switch back and forth between us. Why not? Also this
      results in a lively and fruitful dialogue, isn't it?

      Timing of a visit to Germany, Z-related:
      There are also other important exhibitions in Germany related to scale Z.

      In March, we have a big Modell Train Show in Sinsheim. There, I intend
      to show my layout, because this exhibition-management asks modell rail
      roaders to bring foreward to the open their home layouts.
      In April, we have a big Show of modells of all sorts, also of modell
      rail roaders in Dortmund. This show is as big as Cologne.
      In May, in odd years, i.e. in 2001, we have a Maerklin sponsored show in
      Goeppingen. This is also a big event, you may expect.

      So, pick your date, there are several chances to visit a fair (and to visit my

      Is there a chance to get a more close description of your VEC layout? I am keen
      to learn American rail roading.

      Pictures of my lay out you may find in my article in CR 4/2000 of the 'Z Club
      92', the English translation (I did) you already read.



      Jeffrey MacHan schrieb:
      > Hi once again, Dieter,
      > I was thinking that you should get the last word on this thread but I
      > changed my mind :-)
      > You can expect a call from me whenever I get the opportunity to visit
      > Germany. The best time to visit from a Z point of view would be the Cologne
      > train show, I suppose? I did some research about it and learned that there
      > were 135,000 visitors at the last edition! 135,000!!! I thought that our
      > NMRA nationals were impressive with 21,000...lesson learned.
      > ***Warning: the following 2 paragraphs are a shameless unpaid advertisement
      > for the Val Ease Central Railroad. No animals were harmed in the production
      > of this text***
      > I should find a way to take my layout over to the world's largest model
      > train show. I'm trying to reach 1 million passengers on the VEC and Cologne
      > would certainly move me closer to that goal. The VEC has carried 610,000 up
      > to now. "Passengers" are the number of official attendees at the train
      > shows where the VEC has been on exhibit.
      > The largest "event" in terms of attendees where I am sure that every one of
      > them actually saw the VEC was at the Québec Museum of Civilization in Québec
      > City where the VEC was on exhibit for a full year (April 1997-April 1998) as
      > the only operating element of the exhibition. 385,000 paid visitors came to
      > the apply named "Zoom sur les miniatures". It was an amazing show and a
      > great honour to have been invited to participate by the Museum.
      > ***End of unpaid advertisement. We now return to our regular posting.***
      > I read the ZClub92 Revue English version of your Texas layout article today.
      > Congratulations! It sounds like a super layout and one that will
      > certainly entertain the crowds at the March train show. From your
      > description, you have some interesting projects on the drawing board. How
      > has the work progressed so far? Do you have a couple of photos that you can
      > share with us?
      > I used to operate a trencher during a summer job with the CNR in Thunder
      > Bay, Ontario. I'm curious to see your pipeline trencher as well as your
      > well heads ;-)
      > Take care,
      > Jeffrey MacHan
      -Mail Dieter_Mac_Nolte@...
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