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2568Re: [z_scale] 2001 Moderator's Message

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  • Dieter_Mac_Nolte@t-online.de
    Jan 4, 2001
      Dear Jeff,

      first of all, please call in at my home in Essen-Kettwig in Germany, if you are
      able to make it to this part of the world!!! I do promise: We will have a great
      time!! Within and outside of scale Z.

      Why Z-enthusiasts are so fine people?? Easy answer: they are, at 1:220 scale,
      finetuned by definition. So, they read between the lines and listen carefull.
      Therefore they are able to respond very gentle!



      Jeffrey MacHan schrieb:
      > Hi Dieter and Zealots everywhere,
      > In reponse to your observations, this list is open to Z modelers from across
      > the universe. In fact we have members residing in 19 countries last time I
      > tried to do a census. The largest group is from the USA however an earlier
      > poll of our members showed a good mix of NA and European Z interests.
      > My NY2001 comments were designed as an invitation to the world wide Z
      > community. As you may have noticed, we have regular postings from Sweden,
      > Finland, Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy, Belgium, France, USA
      > amongst others. I am interested in reading reports of Z happenings anywhere
      > and seeing pictures of everyone's layouts etc. I can't get enough Z!
      > As for favoring US Z, I do a lot of reporting to this list about my
      > adventures which, so far, have taken place in Canada and the US. I'm hoping
      > that great ambassadors of Z like you, Dieter, will contribute their Z
      > experiences and anecdotes. Invite your Swiss friends to join the list so
      > that we can put their train show on our vacation calendar.
      > Corresponding with the members of this list is like chatting with a group of
      > friends. Two years go I had a wonderful visit for a couple of days from a
      > Swedish Z scaler living in Norway. We had a great time because we had a
      > shared passion for our miniature trains. Hopefully, some day, I'll get a
      > chance to visit with my Z friends outside of North America. But in the
      > meantime, I get to visit with you through the list.
      > I have known many model railroaders but the finest people I have met in the
      > hobby are Z enthusiasts. Maybe some of you have an opinion on why that
      > might be the case. :-)
      > I'm looking forward to your March train show report, Dieter... ;-)
      > Cheers,
      > Jeffrey
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