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2558Re: [z_scale] Re: A Prozperous New Year to You All

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  • Dieter_Mac_Nolte@t-online.de
    Jan 3, 2001
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      Dear Jeff,

      living in Canada is not the worst thing in this world! I lived 2 years in
      Calgary, Alberta and enjoyed every day!

      On Maerklin turnouts: I do have the experiences that only the MTL F7 locos are
      tending to stop at Maerklin turnouts at slow speed and sit there grining at you.
      Maerklin F7s are managing the turnouts even at slow speed.
      Has somebody else this experiences?

      On switches with under the table motors: My English is not so good to detect
      irony. So I comment with some innocence. In Germany we have several persons or
      manufacturers providing a service to convert a 'normal' Maerklin switch into an
      under the table powered switch. Americans should be able to provide the same
      service, I mean. However, at least a switch motor would be needed, I do think in
      my humble mind :-).

      On articles proposed to Nicola: I am sure, Nicola will reply. But I know he took
      some days off.

      A description of my 'Texas Oil Field' layout you find in CR 4/2000.

      By the way, the CR of the 'Z Club 92' is printed in German. However you, as an
      American, get an English translation with it. I do hope, it is understandable.

      On US locos and cars in Germany: Yes, you are right: I am one of the Scale Z
      Zealots of American Modell Rail Roading in Germany.
      I look foreward to see the response on my C44-9W I will show on my layout at the
      next exhibition.

      Dear Jeff, I wish you a very prosperous year 2001

      and remain



      Jeffrey MacHan schrieb:
      > Hi Dieter,
      > One comment concerning Marklin...the Z_Scale list appears to me to be very
      > pro-Marklin. Marklin is doing a good job. We have some new US style sets
      > in the stores, we have 5 pole motors in the new products and Marklin USA is
      > sponsoring Z scale days.
      > Now, if it happens to be on the subject of switches or turnouts, that is
      > another matter! Yes, we do a lot of complaining about the state of Marklin
      > turnouts. Then again we post solutions to their shortcomings for the
      > benefit of our fellow runners. Life in Z scale ain't all that bad. Some
      > members like to dream about getting better operating and looking switches.
      > There are ways of doing it, as Dave and Bill have demonstrated.
      > Our hope is that Marklin or another fearless manufacturer will hear our
      > whining, ahem, suggestions and introduce an improved line of switches, even
      > ones without switch motors that can be powered easily from under the
      > layout....
      > Actually, I don't live in the US. I live in Toronto where I can see the US
      > on a clear day from my office window :-) I do write for Ztrack but then
      > again, earlier today I sent an offer off to Nicola to send an article to CR.
      > No answer yet but I'll let you know what he says.
      > Dieter, I know that you are a Zealot for USA style railroading in Germany.
      > Here in North America, the few of us who brave train shows with our layouts
      > are Zealots for Z, period, European or American settings.
      > By the way, the GP38s only impress the Z scalers here because they know what
      > an accomplishment it was to produce a hood unit in Z. Modelers in other
      > scales are blissfully ignorant of the challenges we face in our favourite
      > scale. While we drool over one, now two hood units, the other scale
      > modelers have dozens to choose from. C'est la vie!
      > I look forward to seeing and perhaps reading about your Texas oil field
      > layout. Good luck at the big train show.
      > Cheers,
      > Jeffrey
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