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25450Re: Toy Trains up to My Z today.

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  • michael
    Oct 5, 2004
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      Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to spend a few hours
      in Munich before my return trip to the states.

      I went to Fischers and Obletter's and it was worth it...

      I was at the Munich Airport early Wed. (9/22) morning and found that
      I had some time to kill before my afternoon Lufthansa flight for SFO.
      I checked my baggage into a locker at the airport and then hopped
      onto the S-Bahn for the 45miniute ride to the main Munich train
      station (hauptbahnhof).
      Nice ride with lots of trainspotting along the way. When I got
      there - WOW.
      I was in ICEHeaven; there was a nonstop stream of ICE2, ICET, ICE3, I
      had never seen so many ICE trains before! I pulled out my MiniDV
      camera and just sat there filming for almost an hour straight.
      Afterwards, I went outside of the station and hopped onto the tram to
      the next station and went to Obletter's and Fischers. Just as
      described - they are literally across the street from each other!
      Both are nice shops - Fischers had a much larger area dedicated to
      trains but both were very well stocked.
      I was a bit bummed when I started asking for a gear for my 8871 and I
      was told that it was only a special order part. (I suspected as such,
      but thought I'd ask anyway:)

      Anyway - hope you get to play some when you're there later this week!


      Michael Tuason

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Uwe Liermann <maillist@f...> wrote:
      > Hello Michael,
      > > Permission? None needed :)!
      > THX :-)
      > > Do you know of any good Z shops in the Munich area?
      > Sorry, but this is an information I need myself, since I'm in Munich
      > in Octobeer <-- oooppps, wishful thinking?
      > But seriously, I'm from Northern Germany near Hamburg. I will be in
      > Munich from October 8th to 11th for a long relaxing weekend, and I
      > haven't been there before.
      > --
      > Greetings
      > Uwe
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