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  • Vincent Goudreault
    Sep 25, 2004
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      In the last issue of Ztrack, I note that AZL intends to release SD70 and
      in the summer of 2005, with essentially the road names already covered for
      the existing C44, SD45 and SD40; but with the (rejoice rejoice) addition of
      the CNR ! (Holy freaking cow!)

      A few months ago, AZL had re-released C44 with the UP winged herald
      (since the UP Dash 9 were the first to be sold out, this is understandable)
      but the production being limited to 32 makes me wonder: any chance that
      the CNR could be the subject of a second batch of C44? And what about
      the SD40? Any chance we could see more Canadian National colors on
      the AZL locos?

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