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24895Re: Hobby shops in Munich

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  • michael
    Sep 4, 2004

      Thank you for the detailed information (PLUS PHOTOS!). Don't know
      how much play-time I'll have there, but now I am armed with a map and
      recon photos for a surgical strike if that is all I end up having
      time for.

      BTW, hello again! I met you once, briefly, at Utrecht Eurospoor '03
      during my last business trip out that way. I hadn't much time then,
      but was able to sneak out to the show for a few hours and take in
      some of its vastness. The main reason I went that way that day was
      to see the legendary VECRR in person. Incredible piece of moving

      Though I only saw a total of three Z layouts there (which, by the
      way, was three more than any I had ever seen at any of the local
      shows in NoCal), I was astounded by the amount of Z that was being
      traded! The hardest thing for me during that entire trip was to
      force myself out that door to catch the train to Amsterdam for the
      return flight that day :)

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