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  • jmac_han
    Sep 2 8:59 AM
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      Hi Gang,

      The easiest way for me to answer the question regarding HSS's in
      Munich is to share my report of the whirlwind tour from the VEC
      Faszination Modellbau AdventureZ in 2002. Note: you'll have to
      join VECRR to see the photos but the hobby shops are identified in
      the text. Enjoy!



      Episode 20: HSS's in Munich

      Munich, Wednesday March 27, 2002.

      Warning: lots of links!

      There is nothing I like more than to go hobby shop hopping with
      Terry Sutfin.
      With Jeremy Brandon's help we were hoping to make several stops
      during the day
      but first we had promised ourselves a guided city tour to get our
      bearings and to see the major landmarks.

      The three of us enjoyed a 1-hour English-German tour with the Yellow
      Cab Tour
      Lines. The guide was very animated and informative moving from one
      language to
      the other without taking a breath!


      Thanks to the tour we had a better feeling of the layout of the city
      and its
      major attractions including the palace, the golden angel, the
      English garden,
      the twin 15th century church towers and the opera house...


      Once back on solid ground, we were off and hunting for HSs. The
      biggest and
      easiest to find was Fischers which had a huge sign along the
      boulevard. It was
      hard to miss.


      The entrance held a surprise for Terry and me. Jeremy and Manfred had
      installed, in the main floor, an operating HO display. Customers
      walked right
      over the moving trains that were on a shuttle circuit. Jeremy wasn't
      because one of the two trains seemed to be stuck.


      The second floor of this modern store was devoted to trains, RC and
      kits. The displays were well done and the Z selection was reasonable
      limited to the 2001 items.


      The store had a clean WC which we all promptly put to good use in
      for a full day of HSS's.

      The next stop took us across the street (via an underground plaza)
      to Obletters
      Toy Store. I like a city that has two major toy stores across from
      each other!


      The train section was very well stocked in more unusual and hard to
      find items.
      They had Noch pre-formed N-Z layouts in several sizes and a good
      selection of
      plastic kits from Faller, Vollmer and Kibri. Another surprise was
      the fact
      that Obletter's was having a sale on Marklin Z! Too bad I didn't
      model DB
      because there were some very nice specials. Jeremy was especially
      in one loco in the 'Sale' case.


      I picked up a Marklin presentation
      pack (you know, the one with the little blue 0-6-0 and car in the
      case). It happened to be the only one in stock and it was on special
      too! I
      now had my 'official' Marklin souvenir from the trip :-) and it cost
      me less
      than a replacement 5 pole motor and chassis for my venerable 0-6-0


      Faced with the paucity of Z scale
      items in the hobby shops we had seen so far, I decided to widen the
      scope of my
      hunt. I announced that HOn30 would also be fun to look for,
      especially Bemo.
      Remembering that magnificent mallet Bemo had shown in Sinsheim, I
      wondered if
      it actually might be on a shelf somewhere in town. Jeremy knew of a
      couple of
      places that might fit the bill.

      Herr Bauer's shop was full of LGB and Bemo. He informed me that the
      mallet in
      question would not be available until the Fall of 2002. Just as well
      for my
      wallet in any case.


      Wagner EuroTrains was a wonderful shop that offered US prototype in
      HO and N.
      This was the only store where we found Micro-Trains Line products.
      The only Z
      items to be found were some metal vehicles that were priced higher
      than their
      weight in gold. I did plunk down some Euros for a Roco HOe 0-6-0 to
      keep my
      wife's collection up-to-date.


      Although we didn't visit this shop with Jeremy we did manage to find
      it with a
      little help from Model Railroader Magazine. Terry had brought along
      address and we managed to spot it from the opposite side of the
      street, not far
      from Fischers. The store reminded me a lot of US mom and pop shops.
      It was
      grungy, disorganized, pricey and the owner didn't show any sign of
      interest in
      us. Just like home! There was a very small amount of Z, nothing to
      write home
      about, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. My advice: if you're in
      don't waste your time with this place, unless you're homesick!

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