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240Question: Low Speed Switching Operation in Z-Scale vs. N-Scale

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  • Ron Rathe
    Sep 16, 1999
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      I recently posted the attached on rec.models.railroad. Fortunately, a member of the z_scale list responded with very helpful information - and he introduced me to z_scale@onelist.com. I welcome additional input from anyone here and look forward to participating in the group as a "friend of Z". Thanks!


      My (adult) neighbor is thinking about building a Z-Scale switching layout as
      his first model railroading endeavor. He is familiar and comfortable with
      the operating characteristics of N-Scale (my N layout has relatively new
      Kato/Atlas locos w/ DCC & Micro-Trains couplers). His questions are:

      - How does the low-speed performance of Z-Scale locomotives compare to

      - Is there a specific make/model of Z-Scale loco recommended for this type
      of operation?

      - Is there a preferred DC power pack for Z-Scale?

      - Bottom line: is Z-Scale (with MT couplers) viable for an
      operation-intensive layout? [Ron: probably a silly question to ask of this group!]

      Thanks for any observations you all can provide.

      Ron Rathe
      Iowa City, IA